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We are proud to announce that Quantum Remodeling has been certified by CertainTeed for  Restoration Millwork and Vinyl Siding.
Award from CertainTeed for Millwork.
CertainTeed Siding Award for Certification
CertainTeed and Wolverine Siding Info
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 CertainTeed Siding Information and Installation
                CertainTeed siding is one of the top siding companies in the USA.
The Perfect Balance of Beauty and Performance
CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding provides the added strength and thermal benefit of rigid foam insulation with easy maintenance.  Dressing your home in CedarBoards is like wrapping your family in a cozy blanket.  Inside you will enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home.  Outside you will appreciate the authentic look of natural wood, enhanced by distinctive colors and finishing touches.
Want to see the different styles and colors applied to a real home?  Click here and explore the options: http://www.certainteed.com/colorViewLanding.aspx
Available in four popular profiles:
Double 6" Clapboard (works with CedarBoards XL longer length siding)
Single 7" Clapboard (works with CedarBoards XL longer length siding)
Double 4" Clapboard
Double 4 1/2" Dutchlap
· Straight even face with flat surface for look of wide board wood siding
· Custom contoured foam provides strength and rigidity for outstanding impact resistance
· Can increase overall thermal performance of your wall by up to 30%*
· Energy Star rated
· 60% recycled content
· TrueTexture™ rough cedar finish molded from real cedar boards
· Patented STUDfinder™ is designed for accurate and secure installation
· Absorbs sound for reduced exterior noise infiltration
· DuraLock® post-formed lock design
· 3/4" panel projection
· .044" thickness
· Lifetime limited warranty
CertainTeed Siding Styles and colors.
CertainTeed has a number of styles and colors to choose from.  Our suggestion to customers is to find homes within your local area that already have vinyl siding to help you decide on a style and color.  After all, the small samples that a contractor can provide do not do justice to this product as it is very hard to picture what your home would look like with a small sample piece.
insulated vinyl sidingView
Insulated siding is also a nice feature.  It's an added bonus in two ways.  First, it's a heat saver.  With today's prices for heating oil, gas, and other types of home heating products, saving money and keeping warm is a necessity.  Secondly,
insulated siding adds structural strength as shown. 
Siding installation.
Vapor barriers should always be part of your contractor's estimate price, whether you are covering existing siding or applying siding to your new home.  Tyvek, Typar, and Amcraft house wraps are used most often for their durability and heat loss protection.
CertainTeed Polymer shake siding.
Polymar shakes or CertainTeed impressions are a fairly new product, and they are becoming a popular style.  Although the product and installation are a little higher in cost, more homeowners like its bold lines and unique style.
CertainTeed Soffit
CertainTeed soffits add full coverage for the elements, as well as beautifying your home's look and curb appeal.  With Certain-Teed's unique style and color pallet, your home becomes virtually maintenance free.
We also install wood siding, cedar shake and CertainTeed Fiber Cement siding.          
30'x28' Custom two stall Garage.
Wood siding has always been a New England favorite.  Beauty and elegance is the description for this homeowner.
Wood shake house. Cedar shakes are an all time favorite in NH.
Wood Cedar Shake siding is another unique New England favorite.
If you have questions about your siding or would like a free in-home estimate, please email or call us.  We are a qualified Certain-Teed siding installer.
CertainTeed Limited Warranty
How Long Is Long Enough?
CertainTeed warranties its siding for the lifetime of the original
owner.  This lifetime limited warranty is our promise that
CertainTeed siding is manufactured to consistently high,
reproducible standards that your customers can count on. 
Because few people live in the same home their entire lives,
CertainTeed’s warranty is transferable to the subsequent
homeowner, making an investment in CertainTeed siding a
selling feature of the home.  Upon transfer, the warranty converts
to a pro-rated warranty with a duration of 50 years from the
date of installation.
There are some competitive brands available with lifetime
warranties to the original owner and the transferee. It would
appear these warranties are “forever” warranties.  We believe
this is absurd.  First, nothing lasts forever—not products or
companies.  Second, a warranty is only as good as the company
behind it.  It may be to your advantage to point this out to your
customers when they are considering competitive sidings.
CertainTeed has been in the building materials business since
1904 and has produced vinyl siding since the 60s.  Our ability to
produce a quality product for decades at a price homeowners
can afford testifies to the value of both the product and the
warranty: We make siding that lasts a very long time, and we
guarantee it for as long as makes good business sense.
Companies that guarantee their products “forever” may
have a difficult time staying in business forever.
 Wolverine Encore Siding
Wolverine Encore is number one in quality among thousands of
architects, builders, remodelers and homeowners.  With a lifetime
warranty, this high quality panel is attractive and economical.  Low maintenance Encore coordinates with CertainTeed Vinyl Carpentry Decorative Trim and Soffit, so you can create and achieve the look you desire.
Double 4" Clapboard
· Natural wood grain look
·  Patented STUDfinder™ is designed for accurate and secure installation
·  Wind resistant rolled over nail hem
·  Low-gloss colors with a wide variety of coordinating trim
·  1/2" panel projection
·  .040" thickness
·  Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
·  Class 1(A) fire rating
·  Lifetime limited warranty
For more information, please click the links below:
Warranty Information
Technical Information
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