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Painting Alternatives
Many of our customers have expressed their frustration with the amount of time and effort it takes them to scrape and paint their house trim every 3-4 years, only for upkeep to continuously become more difficult due to damage created by the scraping and weather conditions.  They find themselves replacing the cracked, blistered and pitted trim from numerous instances of scraping and years of weathering.  With aluminum trim coverage, those fruitless wasted hours and money can be eliminated.  We custom fit our aluminum to cover the contours of your exterior house trim.  We carry a wide range of colors to match or change the look of your trim.  Our prices are based on per-foot and trim width.
Amherst, NH
Amherst, NH
Before trim coverage
Amherst, NH
Amherst, NH
After trim coverage
We also can remove water damaged
trim and cover it to stop the corrosion from spreading.  Let us give you an estimate before or after you
receive a quote from a professional painter.  Try us and compare the costs.  Three years or a lifetime.  It's your choice and your money. 
We can cover all of your exisiting windows, doors, rakes and overhangs.
We also protect your soffits with solid and/or perforated vinyl soffit materials.  With so many colors to choose from, your home can take on a whole new look.
Call or email us today.  Our estimates are always free.  We have years of experience and the know-how to do your project the right way. 
Customer Testimonial
"I was about to have our 250 year old Amherst historic home painted and got several quotes from local painters.  I happened across Jim Zylak and got a quote from him for vinyl siding the building as a comparison.  Well - Jim not only came in way cheaper than the painters, he did far more than the painters would or could do.  Particular to Jim's work was the incredible detail work he did on wrapping the widow frames, the eves and soffits.
 I challenge anyone to drive by our house and ascertain it's been vinyl sided.  The historic character of our home is not only intact; it's been enhanced.  Jim not only is a master professional at what he does, but he is one of the hardest workers and friendliest guys I know.  It has been a pleasure to have him work on our home!"
Bill Burris, Amherst, NH
ALCOA Coil Stock
Great Finish is only the beginning. Alcoa North America Rolled Products is the leading producer of pre-painted aluminum coil, a versatile, pre-finished material that enhances the appearance and performance of countless products.  Across a wide variety of industries, manufacturers rely on the value-added benefits of Alcoa pre-painted aluminum coil:
Versatile Finish - The coil coating process yields an endless selection of metal finishes, colors, textures and visual effects, all applied with greater precision and uniformity than other painting methods.  The finish can be customized to your exact requirements for color, gloss, thickness, formability and special coatings.
Ease of Fabrication - For fabrication and assembly, pre-painted aluminum coil is efficiently formed, shaped, cut and fastened by a variety of methods. Alcoa offers a wide selection of substrate alloys, tempers, gauges and widths to optimize the material’s performance for your specific application.
Cost-effectiveness - Compared to post-painting operations, pre-painted aluminum offers significant advantages in the areas of flexibility, efficiency and uniformity of product with energy management and pollution control.
All the Advantages of Aluminum - Aluminum is the material of choice due to its many inherent properties: reduced weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, machinability, formability and non-sparking, plus easy recyclability. Compared to pre-painted steel, where uncoated edges can rust and peel, corrosion resistant aluminum offers beauty that’s more than skin deep!
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